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August 21, 2012

20mm MG 151 in Bf 109F-4

Thanks for your post.  I hope this all works, because I am trying this out for the first time.

As the book says on p.211, “In the Bf 109F-4 model, the 15mm engine-mounted cannon was replaced by the improved 20mm MG151 cannon”.

The MG 151 was a better design, offering a higher rate of fire (12 vs. 5 rpm) and could “fan lead” at a higher rate (3.54 lbs/sec vs. 1.49 lbs/sec) and usually had 150 rather than 60 rounds.

As you say, many German fighter pilots considered the Emil’s armament inadequate.  I

Given that fact, I have always wondered how Japanese Ki 43 Oscars were able to inflict losses on B-24 formations with two synchronized 12.7mms.




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