Article on Duxford and its Spitfires

THE DECISIVE DUEL ends with the Spitfires flying at Duxford. This article’s quotes and illustrations show why they are more than museum pieces.

My article in AIR INTERNATIONAL on the HC-130J!

My article in the November issue of AIR INTERNATIONAL, now at your local newsagent (UK) or Barnes&Noble magazine rack (US) is about the USAF’s HC-130J tankers, fascinating airplanes that refuel rescue helicopters in flight. At night. At 500 feet altitude, without using lights or radio. And that’s just the start.

PR Spitfire-taken panorama of D-Day beaches

A spectacular example of the panoramic photographs of the D-Day beaches taken by low-altitude tactical recon Spitfires.

Buried Spitfire search in Australia goes on-line

Latest news on the quest for buried AUSTRALIAN Spitfires:

DECISIVE DUEL in Melbourne (Victoria not Florida)

Anyone looking for THE DECISIVE DUEL in Melbourne can find them at the two locations of THE AVENUE BOOKSTORE.

Buried Spitfire Fever — Australian department

ANOTHER search for buried Spitfires, this time in Australia.

Warplane Underwater Archaeology Report

Archaeological survey of underwater aircraft crash sites in and around the UK, with some interesting examples

Pensacola museum restores Lake Michigan F6F

Pensacola museum restoring Lake Michigan F6F combat veteran. One of the many FAA pilots, trained on Seafires, who transitioned to F6F Hellcats, said it was like going “from a racehorse to a carthorse” (but it could carry more longer distances).

2 Lt. Vernal J. Bird, USAAF A-20 pilot, buried

Britain’s wartime underground factories

News article on Britain’s equivalent of Germany’s underground factories, only these were built under the Shadow Factories described in THE DECISIVE DUEL: