October 19, 2012

Review in GOOD BOOK GUIDE October issue for THE DECISIVE DUEL Spitfire vs 109

Review from GOOD BOOK GUIDE, October 2012

David Isby

The battle between the British Supermarine Spitfire and Germany’s Messerschmitt Bf 109 played a crucial part in the outcome of the Second World War. David Isby’s painstakingly researched book traces the story of both fighter planes, from their development and role in the Battle of Britain to the climactic air battles of the war. Running alongside this examination of the two iconic aircraft is the intriguing story of their creators. After designing seaplanes, R J Mitchell fought illness while building the most advanced fighter Britain had seen. His opposite number, Hitler supporter Willy Messerschmitt, had a love of gliders that influenced his military designs. Besides a detailed and readable analysis of each plane, this book is brought to life by the vivid testimony of pilots from both sides. A definitive history of two magnificent flying machines and the men who built them. Little Brown, 576 pp., Hb. 20 pounds. EHH307

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